How Can You Start With Mobile For Quality Management Today?

Written by Fredrik Löfberg

When we founded NordSafety we reinvented work safety reporting. Shortly we noticed that companies are also seeking new ways to digitize other paper based information processes.(The amount of paper and Excel used in companies still surprises me every time.) We thought that this need could be best described as an overall digitization of quality management or site information management. The change is happening really quickly. At the moment people out on the field are waiting for decisions how their employer is going to solve this.

You’ll lose all the productivity benefits when using old project bank applications. The documents used in these system are mainly Word or Excel-based files. If you want to add pictures it’s surprisingly yes a manual process from taking the picture to attaching it to the document. Imagine if you take up to 50 or 100 pictures on your inspection and you would need to manually add all to pictures to the right places and add the captions. Sounds terrible I know.

Many sites have already moved to mobile based solutions in safety. You just use your tablet or phone for reporting. Information collection is design for touch UI and most of the information is prefilled. Pictures are added on the fly to the right place with the right additional information. Productivity increase with these changes have been modestly around 60 %.

We are bringing quality management to mobile

This change is coming to quality management and site information management. We have been adding features to support this for a while now and our customer have been very pleased when they can expand digitization rapidly and get the productivity benefits immediately for all processes. Some of the features we've added to support this:

  • Dynamic content, the form is changing based on the choices and answers you give

  • Dynamic observations, you can build more detailed observations to specific questions

  • Calculation engine, this allows you to calculate quality index and give results based on the filled information

  • Data visualization, a dashboard where you can visualize the data to actionable information

Dynamic content allows us to raise usability to the next level. We can ask user to give more information if predefined conditions are met. This will give higher quality answers and it makes the result very clear. Dynamic content can be populated e.g. based on a drop-down choice. Or it can be a check box or an answer to auditing question. The possibilities are limitless and you can really make reporting easy and only ask for more information when needed.

Calculation engine allows you to evaluate and calculate everything on the form. The result can be then used for data visualization. For quality management we can show different quality indexes for different processes or sites. You can even calculate partial indexes inside one inspection form. Through this companies have a real-time view on their quality performance. You can define the calculation formulas all by yourself and they can differ on different forms and the visualization will summarize the information together.

Data visualization or BI-reporting is a crucial part of all effective management systems. We’ve expanded our dashboard to cover a wide range of different widgets for visualization. It has been possible from the beginning to see audit results weekly and counts of different audits, near-misses, accident etc. Now we can build completely customized graphics that describes how you are performing. So you could see quality indexes, contractor performance, number of errors/faults and count of different inputs. Dashboard is simple to configure and you can see information in one specific site, organization level or the whole company.

So we’ve done a lot of heavy development work to be able to serve a larger audience. Examples of this are construction quality documentation and inspections, site diaries, memos, management audits, 5S audits etc. Addition to these new features we can utilize the development we’ve already done in these features. Features like digital signature, investigation and handling processes. You can easily take control of your whole organization and different suppliers and contractors with our solution.

NordSafety is not only the leading mobile-first safety solution provider. We are also growing in quality management in many organizations. One of the biggest electricity network companies in Finland called Elenia is monitoring quality in every process they have and they are visualizing this to one simple graph that shows how their organization is performing. They have of course also visualized processes by process how they are doing. This is the future of quality management and we are more than happy to have a chat with you how your organization could benefit of mobile approach to quality.


NordSafety – an innovative EHS app provider – was founded in Helsinki und acquired by Quentic in November 2017. NordSafety was renamed to Quentic in 2018.