Safety Information is Boring

Written by Timo Kronlöf

People's common mistake is to think that their own area of expertise is very interesting to everybody else. It's not.

Safety information nevertheless has its use and relevant information should be spread across the organization and even reach important stakeholders. This problem has been around forever in business and leisure time. But how could we solve it or at least improve the situation? I've got an idea which in fact isn't mine - I'm just borrowing it to safety management. It's called social media.

If we are confident enough to admit that our monthly safety letters are uninteresting to majority of people we are ready to move forward. The first thing in any progress is to see a problem and only after that we can start thinking about solution to fix it. Yeah, sure you can adjust the safety letter and add pictures to it and promote the letter, but it's still that old safety letter. Here's small tip for any safety pro: add some analytic tool to your next letter to see the open rates or click rates. If the open rate is more than 50 % you should be very happy. If it's less than 20 % your letter is pretty average.

I myself and NordSafety team are on a mission to harness technology to help making safety management easier and more engaging to people. Most of the time we don't need to come up with totally new ideas but only to use already proven ways to make thing a bit better.

Here's the idea in 60 second video:

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