Safety glasses will get smart

Written by Fredrik Löfberg

Heads-up displays (HUD), cameras and voice control will be integrated seamlessly to safety glasses in the future. Means that safety glasses gets smart and equipped with wearable technology. This means that in the future users receive a feed with site specified safety information straight on their HUD when entering the site. They will also receive information of their current work assignments and specified safety guidelines for these tasks. With personalized safety feed, the instructions capture users attention better and the information is more effective that way.

Risk assessments and safety observations are also done easily with the integrated camera users have in their safety glasses. The working area inspection is recorded as a video stream and the risks are automatically identified and added to the real-time risk assessment and documentation. Users can also of course manually add observations using the voice control interface and camera.

Personalized safety feed

Safety glasses will also warn users of any significant changes in their working environment. Warnings can contain information of near-misses or accidents on the site that effects user’s current tasks or is relevant to their location. Critical changes in the real-time risk assessment will also raise an alert and give instructions how to proceed safely. Sudden changes in the weather conditions or information of out dated safety checks can be crucial to the people working on infrastructure or electricity network building sites

In addition to personal protection and safety, the glasses will also monitor user’s readiness level. If the levels are below a predefined threshold the user is notified to stop working if the current assignment requires high level of alertness. An integrated system could also send automatic control message to shut down all active power tools. Notifications can also be sent to the site supervisor or the closest person on the area.