New feature - Finding the Nearest Site Just Got Simpler

Written by Timo Kronlöf

Every good company is built on a strong set of values, and NordSafety is no different. When it comes to our customers, we want to simplify their lives, and this means meeting the challenges their business faces. We also want to bring enjoyment – both to ourselves in the work we do, and to the companies that we work with through improved workplace safety.

However, bringing our core values of simplifying, challenging and enjoying into our internal culture is one thing, helping our customers to share that same vision throughout their organisation is quite another. Many EHS Managers struggle to make safety in the workplace engaging, which is why we’ve developed two new features to help them get the wider workforce involved in safety and compliance best practice.

SafetyFeed comments

One of the biggest challenges that EHS Managers face is getting feedback from colleagues. All too often it feels like safety reports are submitted into a black hole, rather than being discussed and dealt with effectively.

To overcome this issue, NordSafety has added new comments feature to our SafetyFeed, to make reporting and sharing feedback much more straightforward – especially within organisations working across multiple sites.

With SafetyFeed comments, employees can give their opinions on key documents, whether that’s complimenting the findings, or challenging near miss reports. By creating this function, we’re giving companies the opportunity for two-way conversations on safety, which is an exciting way to engage and motivate the workforce.

Public Form site location

Another area in which we are innovating is NordSafety’s Public Channel, which allow our customers to share a direct link to their incident reporting forms across their company. While the forms themselves are not new, we have added a new feature that gives users the opportunity to find the nearest sites when submitting reports via their mobile device, through a search function using their smartphone GPS system.

This geo-location function will make it easier for users to search for sites in their surroundings. Instead of forcing employees to find the correct site from a long list of possible venues, our platform shows them the nearest sites within 100m of their location. This is how it works:

  • Users locate the nearest site to them with our one click ‘find nearby sites’ feature

  • We use GPS to locate their mobile device

  • We show users the nearest three sites (all within 100m of their location)

The only prerequisite is that companies will need to add site locations in advance through the NordSafety portal.

Making workplace safety more engaging

By making safety reporting more web-friendly, today’s digital workforce is more likely to engage, meaning companies are more likely to get meaningful feedback, and take steps to improve stakeholder safety. It’s this innovative approach that is enabling NordSafety to help our customers simplify safety reporting, challenge current employee assumptions, and create a more enjoyable working environment.


NordSafety – an innovative EHS app provider – was founded in Helsinki und acquired by Quentic in November 2017. NordSafety was renamed to Quentic in 2018.