Introduction to Safety Management Trend Report 2016

Written by Timo Kronlöf

There are endless libraries of safety related research available. I personally know scientists that have made tremendous contributions to safety science and have worked for decades to bring value to prevent accidents and come up with new methods and frameworks for safety management.

Even if the research have been on-going for decades we don’t see many of those best practices on the organizations’ shop floor that much. Fortunately, some of the leading organizations have been able to adopt new methods into everyday work effectively. The research scene will always develop new ways for safety professionals and safety professionals will always find the ways to convince operative and top management to get the new ideas into practice. This road from idea and research into practice sometimes seems to be slow and bumpy.

We wanted to ask thought leading people about the current trends of safety information management. What are the newest and biggest issues in safety management that everyone needs to know? We asked and gathered a trend report mirroring the thoughts from research scientists, safety professionals and operative management about current safety information management trends.

This is what we asked:

  1. What are the most important trends in work safety information management in 2016?

  2. What is the biggest challenge in work safety information management in 2016? Why?

  3. Do you see a practice or a way of working that is going to disappear from work safety information management in 2016?

  4. Name 3 most important influencers to follow in work safety in 2016?

  5. What is your wish regarding work safety information management in 2016?

This report ended up being more about people and ideas than technical details. The report provides insights that everyone in safety related work needs to hear.

I would personally like to thank all the people that contributed to this report. I know you are busy with such important responsibilities but you decided to take the time for this report. Safety still seems to be a common cause that people want to put effort to and co-operate over the boundaries of an organization or nation. Let’s keep it that way and hold on to our core values.

This report can be spread freely to your own networks and channels. We’d appreciate your comments and feedback.

Hope you enjoy our reports: Safety Management Trend Report


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