How to decrease accident frequency?

Written by Fredrik Löfberg

When we started to develop our mobile solution for occupational safety, one of our goals was to make safety reporting and risk management easier. We thought that this way we could also help our customers to decrease their accident frequency. Another obvious driver was to help our customers with the big paper based reporting work that they have to do on the field on a weekly or daily basis.

Now after working almost two years with our first customer KerabitPro we are seeing the results. The productivity results were already seen from day one. NordSafety users were able to save up to 60 % of time used for audits and reporting combined. This means several man hours for one person during only one week. Imagine the cost savings when you are running several sites at the same time! But even bigger savings have been achieved by reducing the accident frequency. When we started the cooperation it was on the level of 58 accidents per one million man hours. After one year it dropped to 44. Today it’s already below 30 and the trend is descending.

In Finland the average cost of one accident is currently around 6000 € for the employer. When you do the math you’ll see that the accident frequency decrease has been 24 % during the first year. That’s some serious results if you compare that to your business and think how much more revenue you would need to make to get the same upside on your result line.

KerabitPro has been able to decrease accident frequency by 24 % during the first year

Of course this result is not only achieved by using NordSafety mobile solution. But it surely has an impact as KerabitPro double their weekly site safety audits in the first year they used our solution for the reporting. And they are on the way to triple them this year. And this is achieved in less time than what they used to use before to safety reporting. So NordSafety has had a direct impact on how much people are able to do safety work in the same amount of time as earlier. Biggest cultural change has been to add pictures straight to the weekly site safety audits and assign safety tasks. When you assign a task from every risk and are able to follow up the fixes, then things just start to happen. And the results speak for themselves.

We still meet many companies that don’t see any upside of technology for occupational safety management. They have solved everything with paper, excel and SharePoint-intranet solutions. Using a dedicated easy to use mobile solution has shown real results in organization's safety levels and in cost savings. So before you make massive investments on your own software development and allocate more work to perfect your excel and paper reporting, please consider your business case once again. Modern SaaS-solutions don’t require any investment and people can actually just start to use them from day one. And the price tag is from a different level compared to in-house development or legacy on-premises solutions.


NordSafety – an innovative EHS app provider – was founded in Helsinki und acquired by Quentic in November 2017. NordSafety was renamed to Quentic in 2018.