How location awareness helps you understand your data

Written by Fredrik Löfberg

We’ve just launched location awareness services in NordSafety and it is really amazing. Visualizing data is something that helps us humans to comprehend what we see. If we are just looking at a single report, we won’t understand the context and the bigger picture. We are lacking all the possibilities to make fact based decisions.

Stepping up your HSEQ game with data visualization is something every organization should consider. Currently organizations use only rear-mirror KPI’s to see how they are performing. New ways to understand information in real-time are needed to be able to see through the windscreen instead the rear-mirror.

The development will continue and we’ve listed a lot of new features to visualize information. We will also expand the location awareness capabilities in the future. I still feel that the current setup will be really useful for all our current on coming customers!

Visualize your data on a map

All information you create in NordSafety can have location information included from now on. Data will have the project or site location and you can also add more detailed coordinates right on the site. This enables a lot of new use-cases in your HSEQ function. You can add location awareness to the incidents and show heat maps where the risks are located. It gives you good understanding if there are some high risk areas. Another use-case could be to add different location coordinates to your inspection to see how the inspection has been conducted. This is really useful for sites that are spread on a larger geographical area.

Follow your tasks in real-time with location awareness

Action and task management has been included in NordSafety from the beginning. Now when we added the location awareness on the tasks you can actually see the pictures and tasks on a map with color based status indicators. With one glance you can see all the different tasks and focus on the critical ones.. Project lead and company management can see a holistic picture of the ongoing projects.


NordSafety – an innovative EHS app provider – was founded in Helsinki und acquired by Quentic in November 2017. NordSafety was renamed to Quentic in 2018.