Crowdsourced EHS reporting

Written by Timo Kronlöf

One everlasting issue in safety is how to get people involved and in the long run engaged in safety work. Too often safety is experienced as a necessary evil. We know the feeling and you as a safety fan should understand it too. It’s pretty easy, just compare safety reporting and something fun that you do on a daily basis like tweets or facebook posts or sports tracking with modern apps. That’s usually fun and we do it just because we decide to do it or we even enjoy doing it. This is unlike safety reporting to most of us.

The main reason safety reporting isn’t fun is the complexity of it. It takes time and some companies don’t even have a safety app yet. Even if we did have software or even a mobile app it still requires to find the correct form or log in to the app. What about contractors or visitors? Or guests at the site? How can they report? Don’t even start telling me about safety leaflets or notebooks.

Welcome to the future of EHS reporting

Today we introduced a new way to report incidents and collect EHS information with ease. We call it 'Public Reporting Channel'. It essentially means that you can even crowdsource your EHS-reporting by specifying your target reporting site(s) and publishing a link (URL). Public users won’t see your information but they are able to report issues with a sound mobile friendly way. To make it yours, you are able to customize the logo and colors shown on the public site.

Safety needs to be easier and more fun. We can make it happen together. This might sound like a small step but for a random guy at your site it’s a huge benefit to be instantly able to report with smart device and for you as well to get more potential reporters adding risk information to your safety analytics.

Let’s make #smartersafety together.