Should more countries adopt the Finnish TR method?

Written by Timo Kronlöf

Introduced in 1992, the TR method is a Finnish system of rating health and safety management on building sites, using behaviour and condition based observations to calculate the likelihood of an accident occurring. Now used throughout hundreds of construction sites and by all major construction companies across Finland, the TR method was the first standardised and validated system of monitoring safety.

Whilst touring a site, safety inspectors will assess procedures, entering their findings onto an inspection sheet. The elements that are reviewed include working practices, scaffolding and ladders, machinery and equipment, protection against falling and general order and tidiness. These aspects are scored as either ‘correct’ or ‘not correct’ to form a TR safety index number for that working area.

The TR safety index is a percentage between zero and one hundred, calculated as the number of ‘correct’ items of all of those that were observed, meaning that the higher the percentage, the better the site is performing. Sites with low scores are likely to have an accident rate around three times higher than those with high index figures.

Having been proven to lower accident and near miss rates, the TR system engages both management and workers in health and safety practices. Is it time for such a system to be implemented outside of Finland?

The mobile TR Audit is included within the NordSafety app as standard, allowing you to adopt this established approach when monitoring your own EHSQ requirements and site performance.

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