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HSE events: Which one to pick?

A guide for HSE professionals

2 minutes06/03/2019

Written by Timo Kronlöf

There are a number of different HSE events around Europe and I’ve been lucky enough to visit roughly some 30 of them during the past 5 years. It’s always a question of resources, time particularly, which events one should really attend.

I was in Nollis19 HSE seminar in May, I figured there's some good time to put down and share ideas on how to choose the best HSE event for you to attend.

Here’s my decision making criteria based on former experiences:

  1. Target group of the event (H&S, EHS, Health, Environment, CSR, Compliance, Risk Management, to name but a few). Choose wisely. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to change the theme to get fresh ideas.

  2. Number of attendees. Either choose a small but high-quality event or play it safe and head to the biggest event you can find. Think about your own goals - whether you mainly want to meet people or if the content is more important to you. For me, the networking usually is the bread and butter.

  3. Speaker lineup. Check out in advance at least who are the keynotes. You don’t want to find yourself bored due to poor content after booking or at the venue.

  4. Time and length of the event. Two day seminars usually have that major benefit extended networking. You anyways need to allocate the time to travel and plan so why not enjoy two days with the same amount of preparation? I prefer attending some 2-3 longer events a year due to the limited time.

  5. Set your own goals - friends, colleagues, customers, network. Ask your network who will be attending. There’s a good chance that you could meet your former colleagues or friends along with the most recent substance seminars. There's also the chance to find new career opportunities. You never know.

  6. Location. What’s more convenient than attending a morning seminar close to your office and then efficiently continue working the rest of the day? In contrast, you could combine a great seminar with a weekend break in a nice location. Why not extend the hotel reservation and stay over the weekend? Or why not choose the event that just takes place conveniently in your area? For me, it’s best to attend easy access events on a regular basis and then really find out the best more distant events infrequently.

What’s your favorite event? What makes a good event to you? It would be great to hear your experiences of HSE seminars. I'm happy to connect on LinkedIn should we meet at the event.